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{{"Lead the Way!"}}
{{"Lead the Way!"}}
'''[[Skill Trainer]]s''':
*[[Baram]] ([[The Kodash Bazaar]])
*With a full party this is an excellent shout to use with [[Soldier's Fury]], since it can easily be maintained.
*Consider using this with [[Enduring Harmony]] to provide a long lasting speed buff.
== Related articles ==
*[[Movement speed skills quick reference]]
*[[Shout skills quick reference]]
[[Category:Paragon skills (Nightfall)|Lead the Way!]]
[[Category:Paragon skills (Nightfall)|Lead the Way!]]
[[Category:Leadership skills|Lead the Way!]]
[[Category:Leadership skills|Lead the Way!]]
[[Category:Shouts|Lead the Way!]]
[[Category:Shouts|Lead the Way!]]
[[de:"Geht voran!"]]

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