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40/40 refers to a weapon set consisting of a wand and a focus linked to the same attribute, each with the same two modifiers:

  • Halves casting time of <attribute> spells (Chance 20%) (HCT)
  • Halves skill recharge of <attribute> spells (Chance 20%) (HSR)

Set components[]

A 40/40 set can be created by using the following weapon upgrades:

These upgrades can only be obtained on weapons that drop as loot in the Nightfall and Eye of the North campaigns. In the Prophecies and Factions campaigns, weapons will drop with the equivalent inherent (non-upgradable) weapon modifiers.

Weapons with these modifiers can also be obtained from collectors and weaponsmiths. Refer to the quick access links for attribute-specific weapons (right side of table) for lists including these items.


  • Technically, the term "40/40" is incorrect, as it presumes that the chances for HCT/HSR are additive when using a 40/40 set. In reality, each modifier is checked individually to see if it triggers, such that the correct term should be "36/36."
    • First, when casting a spell, the HCT modifier on the wand is checked, and it triggers 20% of the time.
    • Second, the HCT modifier on the focus is checked, and it triggers 20% of the remaining time, i.e. 20% of 80%, which is 16%.
    • The total chance of HCT triggering is thus only 20 + 16 = 36%.
  • Skill recharge time reductions cannot stack above 50%, and activation time reductions cannot stack above 25% (see the "Historical notes" below). Individual reductions can exceed this cap, thus HCT modifiers can still reduce activation time by 50%.
  • 40/40 benefits only apply to spells, not skills in general, and only to spells of a specific attribute. Therefore, they are most valuable when used with a spell-heavy, single-attribute build.
  • On average, use of a 40/40 set will reduce casting and recharge times by 18%. By comparison, a 20/20 set provides only a 10% average reduction.
Historical note.png Historical note: The stacking caps on activation time reduction and recharge time reduction were added in the May 21, 2010, and July 13, 2006, game updates, respectively. Prior to these updates, it was possible for a 40/40 set to reduce activation and recharge times by 75%.

See also[]

  • 20/20, a term that refers to a single component of a 40/40 set