A Chance Encounter

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Overview[edit | edit source]


  1. Attend the Ministry of Purity's rally.
  2. Prevent the Ministry of Purity from killing Miku.
  3. Escape from the Ministry of Purity.
  4. Defeat Xan Hei.
  5. See Miku for your reward.

Obtained from

Herald of Purity in Kaineng City


What Waits in Shadow



Ah, you must be the one that Xan Hei told me about. The Ministry has spoken highly of you for your bravery and dedication. Xan Hei has also told me you have doubts, and I can relate; I used to feel much as I imagine you do now. It's difficult to walk a path when you don't know the destination. Every step can leave you questioning whether it was the right one to take.
I think Reiko's words will show you what we hope to achieve and why it is the right choice for us. The people can put their hopes on a single man or they can learn to put their faith in themselves. Working together, we will make our empire truly great! Please, the rally will begin soon. If you agree to attend, speak with me again, and I will take you there when it's time.
Accept: Very well. I will listen to what the Minister has to say.
Reject: Listening is too much work. I prefer fighting!
When asked about quest: Minister Reiko's rally will be happening soon. This is an excellent chance to see her and Ashu in person! Will you be attending?

Intermediate Dialogue 1 (the rally)

Reiko: Greetings to you, my fellow Canthans. Before I begin, let me say that I am immensely proud to be able to stand here before you. From here, I look out and see all of your faces, bright and eager. You are the future of our great empire. Your sare the hands that lay the foundation for all who follow to walk upon, and yours are the hearts that will foster our bravery and spirit.
Reiko: We have faced a great many hardships before. I gaze at you now and see the pain of loss in your eyes. It is a pain that I myself am all too familiar with. How many of us here have lost someone important to the plague? Loved ones, family, friends. It washed over us like a tidal wave, terrible in its fury, unstoppable. We looked to our empire for salvation, but they were as helpless as the rest of us.
Miku: (What is going on? I need to get a little closer; I can't see very well!)
Reiko: When the plague came, I lost most of my family. You all know their name: the Yuudachi family, head of the Sai Ling Order. How could a family so devout have been killed? What would become of us? I felt lost, helpless. But when I had thought all hope was gone, a miracle happened. My nephew Ashu survived. And I knew that it was a sign from the gods: a sign that all is not lost!
Miku: (This is... Reiko? And that boy there, is that really you, Ashu? I have to see him!)
Reiko: The Ministry of Purity was founded on that spirit. The people of Cantha can become something more. You are a reflection of what our empire truly deserves to be. You have seen the proof of our cause now that the streets are clear of the Afflicted. But our task has only begun. We cannot be content to rest on the laurels of our victory, not when threats still plague us from within. We must continue the fight against those that would threaten our way of life, until the day comes when every citizen is truly...
Miku: Ashu! Ashu, it is you!
Reiko: An assassin! You dare to come here, with your blades freely pointed at the symbol of our hope? An innocent child?
Miku: Wait, what? You don't understand...
Reiko: Oh, I understand all too well. Tell me: is the Empire so threatened by us that they now send their dogs to solve their problems for them? Does it make you scared to think of what would happen if these good people realized that they no longer needed your rule? That they could stand up and fight for themselves?
Reiko: Poor misguided creature. I bet the life of the boy means absolutely nothing to you.
Miku: What? H-How dare you! I've come this far, and I'm not going to let this stop me!
Reiko: Your anger betrays you. Your motives are as clear as glass, and we have seen through them. Guards! Deal with her by any means necessary!
(if you have Gwen in your party) Gwen: It's her! While I'd certainly love to give her a piece of my mind, she doesn't deserve this. We have to help!
(if you have Thackeray in your party) Keiran Thackeray: We have to help her. She does not mean the boy any harm!
<party leader>: Stop! She has done no wrong. She only wanted to see the boy; this is just a misunderstanding!
Reiko: You are the one that has misunderstood. My vision is of a perfect Cantha, and if you stand in defiance of us and what we fight for, then you label yourself an enemy of Cantha. We have no need of so-called heroes. Kill them and the girl!

Intermediate Dialogue 2 (after defeating Reiko's guards)

Miku: Ever get the feeling of deja vu? Never mind. I suggest running. Follow me!
Reiko: Don't let them escape!

Intermediate Dialogue 3 (as you run through Kaineng Center)

Miku: Listen, I'm sure you all are dying for the chance to talk to me, but I simply haven't got the time!
Miku: Quickly! Take the stairs or they're going to have us cornered!
Miku: There's an exit to the east of here. Go now! I'll lead them off and meet you at the Shenzun Tunnels afterward!
Miku: Hey! You all want me so badly? Come and get me! I promise to greet you enthusiastically and with sharp daggers.

Intermediate Dialogue 4 (after being cornered by Xan Hei and Zei Ri)

Xan Hei: This is as far as you go.
Initiate Zei Ri: Why did you do it? I never would have expected this, not from you!
Xan Hei: I have to say I am disappointed. I thought your resolve was stronger than this.
<party leader>: What you're doing here is wrong. You might have started with good intentions, but you're twisting it into something worse. I can't be a part of this, and I can't let you continue on. Look at how those people reacted! This isn't about empowerment; this is blind, misguided zeal!
Xan Hei: Very well, I've told you I was willing to die for my beliefs. Time to show me if you have the conviction to do the same!
(after subduing both of them)
Xan Hei: I... will not stop. WE will not stop... until Cantha is free of what ails it. And that includes... the likes of YOU!
(after defeating Xan Hei)
Initiate Zei Ri: You... killed him.
<party leader>: There wasn't a choice; he wouldn't have hesitated to kill me. Zei Ri... you don't belong with the Ministry. Get out while you can. I'm leaving.

Intermediate Dialogue 5 (after finding Miku in Shenzun Tunnels)

Miku: Looks like you made it out of there alive. That's good, I was starting to worry about you. You look a little worse for wear, though. Did something happen?
<party leader>: I guess you could say I wasn't on the same page as some of the members of the Ministry of Purity. That aside, would you mind telling me what happened back there?
Miku: Of course, I ow you at least that much. Did you see the boy that was with the Minister? He is someone that I believed to be dead for a very long time; he is my brother.
Miku: When I saw that he was alive, in spite of everything that had happened to us in the past, I was overcome. I needed to see him and I acted on impulse. And, well, we saw how that turned out. Heh.
<party leader>: The Ministry of Purity will be after both of us now that they believe we mean to take his life. Reiko made certain the people saw it that way.
Miku: Not very rational, are they? And that is what worries me. Why is he with them? Why did Reiko turn against me? There's too much going on that I don't understand. From the looks of it, your confusion is a mirror of my own.
Miku: I think we can help each other. Neither of us particularly wants to be hunted by an angry mob, and we both want to know the full story. We'll seek it together, if you'll accept my assistance.
<party leader>: Very well, I'll trust you... for now.
Miku: You're wise to be cautious. I can tell you've been betrayed before. That means you and I? We've got something in common. But I've learned trust is not always misguided. If you can come to call me friend, then I will have your back without fail. Now, enough of my rambling.
Miku: I'm going to try and track down Guardsman Jinnai. He's an old friend and should be able to provide me with some answers about what has happened. In the meantime, can you speak with Guardsman Qao Lin in Kaineng Center? I think he'll be able to help us as well. Good luck, and stay safe!

Reward Dialogue

That certainly didn't play out the way I imagined it would. I had always hoped that Ashu was still alive... but now I don't know what to make of things. The people he was with would have killed me had you not come along. I owe you my life. Yet it seems that, in return for your help, I've gotten you involved in my troubles. Well, if nothing else, I can say that my bad luck makes things interesting! You wouldn't want to lead a boring life, right? Maybe we can help each other sort this mess out.


A Favor Returned

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

Upon accepting you will be transported to an instance of Kaineng Center, near the docks to the Southeast. After watching the dialogue for some time the foes will become hostile. Defeat the initial foes (you may wish to collect drops as the fight progresses) and when Miku says you should run head for the stairs up toward the heart of Kaineng (as if heading for the Xunlai Chests) and then down toward the portal to Bukdek Byway. Large mobs of foes appear, though it is not hard to outrun them, flagging heroes if necessary.

Near the portal you will find Xan Hei and Zei Rei. Defeat them once they turn hostile and a counter will start to complete the mission.