A Gift of Griffons

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Overview[edit | edit source]


  1. Escort all three Forest Griffons safely to the Tower of Courage.
  2. See Rastigan the Eternal for your reward.

Obtained from

Wailing Lord in The Fissure of Woe


The Wailing Lord


  • 10,000 XP


"Please... perhaps you can help me. I wish to express to Balthazar my sincere respect and admiration. I offer three forest griffons that have served me since their acceptance into this eternal realm as hounds for the God of War. You shall find them scattered throughout the forest. If you would be so kind as to gather all three and lead them to the Tower of Courage, I would be in your debt."
Accept: "I'll see to it at once."
Reject: "Do it yourself!"

Reward Dialogue

"Balthazar will be pleased with this gift. And I am pleased with your actions. I can see that the lesson you delivered was not lost on the Wailing Lord."

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

Make sure to clear the west side of the forest before taking this quest because the Griffons will appear there. Approach them and they will follow your party. They will not follow anyone in particular but will run towards any moving party member.

Even if you had cleared the way from the Tower of Courage to the Forest, several groups will spawn on your back. They will be exactly the same as the ones you cleared to get to the Wailing Lord. Fight them only if you need to as the death of one Griffon, not only means the end of the quest but also your time in the Fissure. You should be able to completely avoid a few of the Skeleton Army groups but will probably have to engage a few of the Shadow Army groups. With good tanking, the Griffons should come to no harm.

Alternative: If you're having trouble keeping the Griffons alive, you can clear the new spawns without them following. Have one team member remain beside the Wailing Lord, while the rest of the team take the middle path out of the forest and stop just near the edge of the forest (where a T-junction of sorts is located). Once everyone is ready, the remaining behind team member takes the quest, causing the Griffons and the enemy spawns to appear. That team member needs to remain outside of the Griffons "detection" range or perfectly still once they've been attracted. Meanwhile, the rest of the team clears the whole way to the Tower of Courage.

Once cleared, they indicate to the remaining team member to start making their way towards the tower with the Griffons safely following. The rest of the team needs to wait inside the tower, otherwise as the Griffons approach, they are likely to be attracted towards the other moving team members, and the quest does not complete until the Griffons are secured inside the tower.