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  1. Speak with Gwen in the Hall of Monuments.
  2. Speak with Lieutenant Thackeray in Ice Cliff Chasms
  3. Speak with Valgar Tempestcrafter, the Norn metallurgist.
  4. Take the family crest pendant to Lefsi Spiritchaser in Varajar Fells. Don't take Gwen with you.
  5. Protect Lefsi Spiritchaser while he imbues the pendant.
  6. Speak with Lieutenant Thackeray.
  7. Speak with Gwen.
  8. See Lieutenant Thackeray for your reward.

Obtained from

Lieutenant Thackeray in Ice Cliff Chasms


The Missing Vanguard


Reward dialogue

"She seems so much happier now. That meant a lot to her, and to me. Thank you for the part you played in all this. Consider me your friend, and know that I will do everything I can for her, and for you if you need me. Please, take this small token of my gratitude."


Travel to Olafstead to speak with Valgar, then you can either exit and head east to see Lefsi, or if you have Central Transfer Chamber on your map, it will be quicker to start from there, through Battledepths. After talking to Lefsi, he is attacked by several waves, first of Vaettir, followed by Mindblade Spectres and Smite Crawlers, then Coldfire Nights and Stalking Nights, and finally Tortured Spirits. Eventually, the ghost of Gwen's mother, Sarah will appear and the pendant is charged with the spirit of family. Map back to Eye of the North, show the pendant to Thackeray, before entering the HoM to give it to Gwen.


  • Lefsi Spiritchaser may be found where Nifling the Chained normally appears.
  • If you ignore the quest's instructions and take Gwen with you to find Lefsi, he will not appear, although the Underworld creatures will still spawn.
  • After giving the pendant to Gwen, the quest will update stating you can speak to Lieutenant Thackeray to claim your reward. You must return to the Eye of the North outpost and accept the reward there.
  • Despite Underworld-specific enemies appearing in the quest, there were no reports of Globs of Ectoplasm dropping. The foes will, however, drop collectable drops and weapons exclusive to the Underworld, such as Demonic Relics or Ghostly Staves.
Historical note.png Historical note: This quest was originally introduced during Wintersday 2008 with the name Wintersday Cheer, and was only available during Wintersday. In the Nov. 18th, 2010, game update, in order to make it easier for characters to access the War in Kryta, it was renamed to A Good Deed and made permanently available.