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  1. Follow Elonbel as he patrols the western riverbank.
  2. Now that Elonbel's true allegiance has been revealed, deal with him and his cohorts accordingly.
  3. See Shaurom for your reward.

Obtained from

Shaurom in Sunspear Great Hall


Nightfall Character



"Well met, friends. You've no doubt heard of the corsair raids? Ah, of course you have. I'm sure you've seen your share of corsair action. We've had our own troubles recently, all coming from across the river to the west.
I've placed a sentry, Elonbel, in that area, but the raiders seem to be getting past him. Could you follow Elonbel on his next patrol along the river and see what he does? But, I warn you, if my suspicions are correct, he may be in league with the corsairs. Make yourselves ready for anything."
Accept: "Worry not, Shaurom. The Sunspears will get to the bottom of this."
Reject: "I'm sorry, but shouldn't this affair be taken care of internally?"

Intermediate Dialogue

Corsair Commandant: "It's about time you showed up. I thought maybe you'd betrayed us. Of course, if you had...."
Elonbel: "Save your threats. I have the information you wanted... and I expect to be paid. Now, the main Sunspear patrols are still positioned along the east bank of the river...."
Corsair Commandant: "Did you hear that? Curse you Elonbel, you were followed! To battle brothers!"

Reward Dialogue

"You have confirmed my suspicions friend. Such a pity, but I have long felt there was more to Elonbel than met the eye. By dealing with him and his corsair allies you have done us all a great service. But I still have concerns there may be other corsairs within our ranks. I fear Elonbel may not have been working alone. We shall have to be doubly vigilant. Thank you for your courage, and may the sun guide you."


Follow Elonbel in the Plains of Jarin as he runs. When he gets to the corsairs, simply defeat him and the corsair group to complete the quest.

Alternatively, if you stay just out of Elonbel's aggro, he may start attacking the Corsairs. You can wait until he has killed all his 'allies', then just defeat him.


Bug.png Bug! If you bring along Running Skills and get to the Corsair Commandant before Elonbel, he will turn Hostile and you will be able to kill him. Doing so will trigger the final Dialog when Elonbel arrives, though will prevent you from completing the quest. You have to rezone and redo the quest to finish it.