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  1. Free the bound souls of the Imperial guards from Shiro's constructs. You have freed .. of 3 souls.
  2. Speak to Imperial Guard Hao Li.
  3. Speak to Imperial Guard Kaichen.
  4. Speak to Imperial Guard Tiendi.
  5. See Imperial Captain Shi Wang for your reward.

Obtained from

Imperial Captain Shi Wang in Gate of Fear.



Followup Bad Fortune


  • 4,500 XP
  • 400 Gold
  • 100 Lightbringer points
  • Inscribed Secret


[Difficulty: Master] When I discovered that Shiro Tagachi lorded over this place, my rage burned hotter than a dragon's fire. Long ago, Shiro and I fought as brothers in the elite Imperial guard, and he was cold-blooded even then. Even so, none of us believed our eyes when he turned on Emperor Angsiyan and slew him. His treachery continues even after death... he has been binding the lost souls of this realm into his Shiroken constructs. The spirits of my fellow guardsmen are being forced to serve their murderer! <name>, please free the souls of my comrades.
Accept: I shall free your brothers' souls from this terrible servitude.
Decline: An elite undead mercenary, you say? Sorry, I like all my limbs. Attached.

Intermediate dialogue (Imperial Guard Hao Li)

Thank you for releasing me from Shiro's treachery. You know, he did not always have such darkness in his heart. Ambitious, yes, but loyal to Cantha and a true guardsman. I believe that evil forces from this realm manipulated Shiro to assassinate the emperor. How they managed to sway him is the true mystery.

Intermediate dialogue (Imperial Guard Kaichen)

I'm indebted to you, friend. Although it has been many years, I still cannot believe that Shiro alone committed the treachery against the emperor. During preparations for the harvest ceremony he was on edge, talking about a fortune-teller and a choice he must make. He made no sense at all, and the whole thing still doesn't. But then again, perhaps it can all be explained by how far out of his mind my poor comrade had gone.

Intermediate dialogue (Imperial Guard Kaichen) be completed...

Reward Dialogue (Imperial Captain Shi Wang)

Thank you for liberating the other guardsmen. They fought too valiantly in life to deserve such a fate. You say a fortune-teller played a part in Shiro's treachery? Perhaps she ignited the spark of evil that always resided in him...or perhaps he was a pawn all along.


This quest is probably most easily completed after completing Kormir's Crusade, since you can then enter the Domain of Fear from the Gate of Secrets, which is nearest to one of the three bound spirits.

You MUST free all three spirits at the same time, without entering an outpost, or the quest will reset. They will be arrayed across the southern reaches of the Domain of Fear: Hao Li far to the south of the Gate of Fear, Tiendi just to the north of the Gate of Secrets, and Kaichen in between. Each is accompanied by a group of Margonites, but they are not attached - you can pull the Margonites away from the bound spirits to take them out separately.

The most difficult part of this quest is managing aggro on the creatures around each of the spirits. Tiendi is surrounded by four large groups of Demons, while Hao Li is at the back of an area filled with Chaos creatures including pop-up Grasps of Insanity, Wrathful Storms, and Torment Claws. Interrupts and hex removal are pretty much required - three of the four mobs around Tiendi are mostly Rains of Terror who like to use Deep Freeze, Blurred Vision, and Freezing Gust; the Wrathful Storms and Terrorweb Dryders around Hao Li use Meteor Shower, Fire Storm, and Mark of Rodgort. A party prepared to deal with all that should have little trouble with this quest.

This quest, like many other Realm of Torment quests, is most likely named after the movie of the same name.