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  1. Speak with the emperor.
  2. See Emperor's Voice for your reward.

Obtained from

Emperor's Voice in Zin Ku Corridor



"Emperor Kisu wishes to speak with you. When he received word that Shiro was within the city walls, he ordered the Imperial Army to surround the area. He is in the temple now seeking counsel from the spirits ensconced there, and he awaits your arrival."
Accept: "I'll go to him now."
Reject: "I need a moment."
When asked about quest: "The emperor awaits you inside the temple. Do not keep him waiting."

Intermediate Dialogue 1 (Emperor Kisu)

"Shiro's purpose was to bind these heroic spirits into magical constructs and bend them to his will. If he had been successful, he would undoubtedly have become much more powerful. Once again, young hero, the empire finds itself in your debt.
I have spoken with Vizu and learned much from her. I believe I can help you gain access to the artifacts of which she spoke. Count Petrov zu Heltzer of the Kurzicks has sent his people here to begin arbitrating annual terms of war between his people and the Luxons. I will attend to that, and while I do, you will take the opportunity to speak with his daughter, who is traveling with them. If she were made to understand the importance of our mission, I believe she would persuade her father to help us. Find my attendant, the one known as The Emperor's Voice, and he will give you further instructions."

Reward Dialogue

"The emperor is a very wise man. You should take his advice and seek out Danika. It sounds like she might become a very valuable ally in the future."


The Count's Daughter


Real easy. Just go into Tahnnakai Temple explorable area from Zin Ku Corridor. There will be no monsters there. Just talk to Emperor Kisu and you're done.


  • Vanquish exploit map

    Vanquishing Tahnnakai Temple (explorable) while having this quest active is extremely easy. If you wish to keep this quest in your quest log but continue with the story, you will need someone else who has the followup quest to ferry you to Arborstone. While this quest is active, the only kills required to vanquish the area are a pair of Temple Guardians. They can be found north of the central channel, just past the easternmost bridge near the resurrection shrine. You do need to lure them to the bridge, if you run into them you might spawn a lot of Jade Brotherhood.
  • It's possible to use Return or a similar skill on Mhenlo to explore Zin Ku Corridor without walking through the Area boundary.
Bug.png Bug! There is a bug which sometimes prevents Togo and Mhenlo from moving and going through their dialogue.