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  1. Kill the rogue bull that is theatening Althea's theatre.
  2. Return to Lady Althea for your reward.

Obtained from

Lady Althea in Lakeside County


Prophecies Pre-Searing Character
<primary profession> Test
Note: This quest will become unavailable to non-Mesmers who have decided upon a non-Mesmer secondary profession.



"At the watering hole southwest of here, you will find a rogue bull. Terrible creature, a menace to everyone coming to visit our humble theatre. Here are some Mesmer spells to assist you. If you'd dispatch this creature for me, I'd be most grateful."
Accept: "I'd be happy to help."
Reject: "I'm too busy right now."

Reward Dialogue

"Back already? Excellent! I can't thank you enough for taking care of that dangerous bull."


Domination Magic
The Rogue's Replacement


Lady Althea gives you the following skills prior to the completion of the quest:

Walk down the hill to the rogue bull. It is level 5, and your physical attacks will do little damage to it. However, because Mesmer skills do damage without respect to armor, you should be able to easily take it down. Use Imagined Burden to slow the beast's approach which will delay its ability to start inflicting physical damage to you, and meanwhile casting Conjure Phantasm soon make short work of it.