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  1. Bring Janeera the message from Ruthless Sevad.
  2. See Ruthless Sevad for your reward.

Obtained from

Ruthless Sevad in Barbarous Shore


A Question of Morality and you chose to help Ruthless Sevad instead of Elder Jonah



"Okay, if you want to keep me quiet about your presence, Sunspear, just do a simple job for me. I need this message delivered to Janeera, a village healer on the Marga Coast. It bears my personal seal, so don't open it! It's my business, not yours... and the healer will let me know if the seal is broken. Get that message to her and you've bought my silence."
Accept: "Consider it done."
Reject: "There are other ways to silence you. Close your eyes and I'll show you one."

Intermediate Dialogue (Jaheera)

"From Sevad, you say? I wonder what he wants. I'm almost frightened to open it! Hmmmm... what does it say? That's none of your business, but thank you for delivering it unopened.
You can go now. I'm a busy healer, you know."

Reward Dialogue

"Janeera received the message? Good. How did she look? Did she...? Nevermind. I don't want to know. You did this task for me, so your secret is safe... for now."


After getting the message from Ruthless Sevad, Janeera is located in the Ronjok Village, so travel to the Sunspear Sanctuary and exiting out the Marga Coast portal is the quickest way to reach her. Once the message has been handed over, return to Sevad for your reward.


  • In order to get offered this quest, you must bring the herbal remedies to Sevad first during A Question of Morality before taking them to Elder Jonah, and take the quest while A Question of Morality is still active.