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  1. Talk to a Xunlai Agent and open a storage account.
  2. See Xunlai Agent Jueh for your reward.

Obtained from

Xunlai Agent Jueh in Kamadan, Jewel of Istan


Nightfall Character



"Greetings, <primary profession>! My name is Jueh and I work for the Xunlai. We can hold onto items or gold that you would like to keep but don't want to carry around with you. Talk to one of our Xunlai professionals to open an account with us for a minimal fee. There are no other fees for using our services; we just require a small amount of gold to open the account. Thereafter you will be able to leave items in your vault and access them wherever one of our agents is located. You will even be able to access the items in your storage with other characters on your account. You can place an item into storage with one character and take it out with another character, as long as they both can find a Xunlai agent."
Accept: "Sounds good. This backback was getting heavy."
Reject: "A bit too expensive. Perhaps later?"

Intermediate Dialogue 1 (Xunlai Agent)

"Have you considered purchasing a storage account with the Xunlai guild? For five hundred years we have been trusted for our reliablity and discretion. Empowered by ancient magic, Xunlai agents make your goods accessible at the most remote of locations.
For a one-time fee of 50 gold, I can offer you permanent access to a Xunlai storage account. Access is reliable and there never are any monthly fees. Are you interested?"
Accept: "Purchase a storage account. (Pay 50 gold.)"
Reject: "I'll be on my way."

Reward Dialogue

"Wonderful! You have activated your storage account! I think you'll find that having an account with Xunlai is very beneficial. As a special bonus for opening an account with us, we have a small gift for you. Thank you for using our services. We will protect your items with our lives!"


Simply talk to the Xunlai Agent nearby (stands before a couple of Xunlai Chests) and pay 50 Gold to open a storage account. Talk to Jueh again to complete the quest.