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Species: Demon/God
Profession: Special
Level(s): 30


Abaddon is the name of a dark fallen god that was outcast by the Gods of Tyria long ago and exiled to the Realm of Torment. He was formerly the god of water and knowledge.


Realm of Torment

  • Abaddon's Gate (Mission)

Skills Used


Abaddon can only be damaged when he is chained down in a vulnerable state.

Warning: The following text contains spoilers relating to the plot of Nightfall Campaign.

The Casting Out of Abaddon

Abaddon was formerly the god of water and knowledge. When the gods gave the sentient species of Tyria (world) the gift of magic, it was Abaddon who represented the gods and handled the actual distribution. However, Abaddon gave out this gift a little too freely and indiscriminately, which fueled the greed that caused the sentient races to abuse it and wage massive wars against each other.

King Doric went to Arah and begged the gods to bring peace. Against the opposition of Abaddon, the other five gods created the Bloodstones to split up the four schools of magic, which would suppress its abuse.

Abaddon was angered by this, and he gathered his strongest followers, the Margonites, to assault the weak spot of the Rift so he could overthrow the other five gods. However, while Abaddon was strong enough so that the joint forces of two other gods could not defeat him, he still could not withstand the powers of five gods united. In the end he was defeated and imprisoned in the Realm of Torment, never to interfere with worldly matters again. The site of that great battle is now known as the the Mouth of Torment.

After the war, the five gods erased all mentioning of Abaddon and his deeds from monuments and historical records. Curiously, there is still a location named Abaddon's Mouth.

The Scriptures of Abaddon

Mural of Abaddon in Gandara, the Moon Fortress

This excerpt from the Scriptures of Abaddon can be found as an inscription on the empty Statue pedestal of Abaddon in the Gate of Torment mission:

And so it came to pass that Jadoth, being persecuted by the horrific Forgotten armies, and hounded from his home, did seek refuge among the cooling mists of the Crystal Sea. Untold weeks passed as Jadoth huddled in his sanctuary, with nothing to see save the endless ripples of the boundless ocean.

On the 51st day of his exodus, a frightful sight manifested before Jadoth's eyes: the unmistakable shape of Forgotten warships upon the horizon's shimmering edge.

And prayed Jadoth, "Abaddon! Lord of the Everlasting Depths, Keeper of Secrets, open mine eyes and bestow upon me the knowledge of the Abyss that I might smite mine enemies and send them to the watery depths!

An unsettling silence swept across the waves. The twilight sky shattered and stars streaked down upon the Forgotten armada. The seas boiled and ruptured, and gave birth to a maelstrom from which not even light could escape, and transforming the sky above into a midnight void.

And thus was magic gifted to Jadoth, chosen of Abaddon, the first of the Margonites.

-- Scriptures of Abaddon, 1BE

Another section of the Scriptures is revealed in the Guild Wars Nightfall manual:

The Day shall come when the Lord of Secrets
Will be freed of his Tormented Prison
When the other gods will quail before his power
And Night will fall on the living world
- Scriptures of Abaddon

Other notes

In the Nightfall campaign, Spearmarshal Kormir suspects that Varesh Ossa and General Kahyet, her respected mentor and loyal officer, are worshippers of this deity and are trying to bring about its return.

It also seems that his forces were behind the trouble at the Dragon Festival and the Ruins of the Tombs of the Primeval Kings as a way to invade Tyria and Cantha.


  • Abaddon is Hebrew and means "doom" or "destruction". In the Bible it denotes both a location (the underworld / hell), as well as a creature (the "Angel of the Abyss"). For more information see the Wikipedia article about Abaddon.
  • Standing on the bridge (or near to it) in Abaddon's Gate (Mission) and using the /dance emote before engaging Abaddon will cause him to do a little dance of his own (including the fingers-across-the-eyes move from the male warrior's dance) before slaying your entire party. The video can be seen here.

He can actually drop items, once you kill him. He's been known to drop: Portal Staff