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Academy Skill Quests[]

Talk to Armin Saberlin. He'll get you started on the road to A Second Profession.

Every character in Guild Wars can have two professions. By setting up your RPG character you have already chosen your primary profession -- it determines your appearance, the armor you can wear, and your special attribute available only to members of that primary profession. The secondary profession gives you access to the skills and basic attributes of that profession, but you are still restricted to the armor, runes and appearance of your primary profession, and you will not have access to your secondary's Primary attribute.

To pick your secondary profession talk to the Profession Trainer of the respective profession. The trainer will give you quests specific to his profession. You may do any and all of the secondary profession quests. When you start one of them, it will temporarily give you the skills of that profession. When you finish the quest, it will give you the option to commit to that profession. It's advisable to try all professions out before choosing one permanently -- just go back to the secondary profession's Profession Trainer later to commit, if you choose not to the first time.

You should also go outside Ascalon City and speak to Haversdan again. He will direct you to the Profession Trainer who will give you the first skill quest for your primary profession. Note that the first skill quest is always the same as the secondary profession quest for that profession. Thus, you are able (and encouraged) to do your primary profession's secondary profession quest. When you first talk to your primary profession's Profession Trainer, you finish the quest from Haversdan and earn:

  • 250 Experience