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An account mark is an administrative "mark" placed on an account by a game master to tag the account for "lapses in behavior" (infractions), especially breaches of the Rules of Conduct. Such a mark is meant as a warning and results in a temporary blocking of the account. The period of account suspension will rise with each subsequent mark against the player's account. Eventually the suspension will be a permanent ban.

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The disciplinary process is described in detail on the official Guild Wars website. Please see the external links section at the bottom of this article and read the complete official documentation, as the information on GuildWiki is only a summary and may not be up to date!

Infraction Types[]

There are two kinds of infractions (misbehavior):

  1. Naming infractions:
    • Offensive or otherwise unacceptable character names
    • Offensive or otherwise unacceptable guild names.
  2. In-game infractions:
    • Inappropriate in-game behavior – such as obscene talk or behavior, abuse of another player, or harassment
    • Repeating in-game chat ("flooding")
    • In-game linking to inappropriate websites
    • Taking advantage of another player ("scamming") in order to take his/her items or account
    • Abusing game exploits
    • Advertising cheats, hacks, and exploits
    • Using, developing, releasing or promoting a "bot" program

For naming infractions a player may submit an "appeal" to the GMs if he feels that a block is unjustified. For in game infractions no appeal will be accepted.

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