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Acolyte Hanz
Acolyte Hanz.jpg
Species: Human
Level(s): 10


Acolyte Hanz provides the briefing for the Arborstone mission.

Quests Involved In[]



Mission briefing:

"This is a wonderful sight, seeing you here with such exuberance! Such spirit will be necessary, since the task ahead will not be easy. Acquiring the sacred Urn of Saint Viktor is your goal no matter the cost. Go forth, and may Dwayna watch over you.
What can I help you with?"

Remind me of the current situation.

"Saving Vizu and releasing the other spirits was an enormous boost to your cause. The emperor is meeting with the Kurzicks regarding their present war with the Luxons, but he suggested you find Danika so that she might help you obtain the Urn of Saint Viktor."

What is happening at House zu Heltzer?

"Count Petrov zu Heltzer has been informed of Shiro's return to Cantha. Mhenlo brought you here to obtain the Urn of Saint Viktor, but it is held in Cathedral zu Heltzer, which was overrun by wardens when the magical protections failed. Danika offers her services to assist you in obtaining the urn that you might use it to defeat Shiro."

What advice do you have for the upcoming mission?

"1. Many of the beasts overrunning the cathedral were part of the magical protections once in place. The gargoyles resting inside the columns can no longer distinguish friend from foe.
2. This aged sanctuary is unstable; beware of collapsing structures. Rush to safety should you find yourself getting pelted with debris and rubble.
3. "Charge up" the urn with the deaths of your foes, then drop it when you are in need of protection."