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An Afflicted Warrior, a typical Afflicted.

The Afflicted are cursed creatures that plague the land of Cantha. They are living creatures — animals, humans, plants — that have gotten too close to the malevolent spirit of Shiro Tagachi. Despite rumors to the contrary, the disease is not contagious, and only spreads through contact with Shiro.

Afflicted look like a grotesque misshapen pile of human organs (and body parts of other creatures) shambling about. Some are more human-shaped than others. Most of them appear to have large, swollen tumors on their bodies. They retain the combat strengths of their former selves, but their powers are altered and augmented in terrible ways by the Affliction. Upon death they explode in a putrid manner causing high damage in an effect called Afflicted Soul Explosion.

The Afflicted can be found throughout Cantha, on Shing Jea Island, in the narrow alleys of Kaineng City and even making assaults in the Echovald Forest and the Jade Sea. In any area they are found, they will be hostile to all other creatures except Shiro'ken and (usually) the Am Fah.

Known subtypes[]

Humanoid Afflicted
Name Low-level Mid-level High-level
WarriorAfflicted Warrior 14 20 24
RangerAfflicted Ranger 14 20 24
MonkAfflicted Monk 14 20 24
NecromancerAfflicted Necromancer 14 20 24
MesmerAfflicted Mesmer 10 20 24
ElementalistAfflicted Elementalist 10 20 24
AssassinAfflicted Assassin 14 20 24
RitualistAfflicted Ritualist 12 20 24
Collectable Drop Augmented Flesh Putrid Cyst Pulsating Growth

Animal Afflicted
Warrior11 Afflicted Ravager Monk13 Afflicted Bull

See also[]

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  • Afflicted are generally friendly with the Am Fah, however a few are not (the reasons for either reaction are not explained in the game).
  • The Luxons and the Kurzicks seem to think Affliction is a disease:
    • The dialogue in the Gyala Hatchery mission suggests the Luxons misunderstand the source.
    • After defeating the incoming hordes in The Eternal Grove, both groups burn the corpses of the fallen, as if Affliction spread like plague.
  • Afflicted bosses do not drop green items, as do most other Canthan bosses.
  • There is no Afflicted vegetation, even though the Guild Wars Factions manuscript mentions that plants, too, can suffer from Shiro's presence.


  • A few Afflicted bosses appear to be former students of Shing Jea Monastery. There are also a large number of Afflicted bosses with the same names as Shing Jea students, but different professions.
  • The Afflicted resemble the Flood in the Halo video game series.