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Effect details
Afflicted Soul Explosion
Monster skill.jpg
Campaign: Factions
Type: Effect

When Afflicted creature dies, all nearby foes take damage.

Concise: Deals damage to nearby foes when Afflicted creature dies.


The damage caused by the Explosion is scaled by the difference between your level and the monster's level. A low level Afflicted will explode for 40+ damage, while a level 24 Afflicted will explode for over 140 damage. This is especially painful with Afflicted bosses because they deal double damage as bosses and already deal high damage because of their level.


If you find yourself near an Afflicted about to die, move away quickly if you are low on health. Since warriors usually have high health they generally don't need to move, an exception is if you are have a high death penalty on you in which case warriors are also likely to be killed by the explosion.

If you are low on health and are near an Afflicted with full health, you should be fine (ignoring the damage you're already receiving if the Afflicted is targeting you). However, if you have a spiker or nuker on the team, make sure you have time to escape before they unload the damage.


  • Players fighting the Afflicted on Shing Jea Island have less to worry about, since the Afflicted are a lower level than their more dangerous level 20-24 counterparts up in Kaineng, Echovald Forest, and the Jade Sea. It is still advised to avoid an Afflicted Soul Explosion, no matter what, as multiple explosions in a short time can slay even the most potent of heroes.
  • Beware that if Afflicted enemies are effectively tanked, clumped up, and nuked in a manner that would be considered 'perfect' one can spike one's own tank(s).