Agnar's Rage

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Skill details
Agnar's Rage
Monster skill.jpg
Campaign Prophecies
Profession None
Attribute Unlinked
Type Attack
    10 Energy.png 6 Activation.png 15 Recharge.png

Full: (monster only) Knock down all foes in earshot and do 25 damage to them. Gain +10 Health regeneration for 5 seconds.

Concise: (monster only) (5 seconds.) +10 Health regeneration. Deals 25 damage to foes in earshot and causes knock-down.


Notes[edit | edit source]

Anomaly.png Anomaly! Despite this skill triggering Bane Signet's knockdown, Empathy has no effect whatsoever.
Anomaly.png Anomaly! The skill is listed as an Attack, but an enchantment is placed upon Agnar if this finishes casting. Furthermore, Agnar's Rage does not trigger Backfire.