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Alliance Faction is an indicator of an Alliance's reputation with either the Luxons or the Kurzicks. It is the sum of the Alliance Faction value of each guild in the alliance. A guild may increase its faction by having its individual members transfer the faction they earned to the alliance.

Alliances with high faction are given control of outposts or towns in their side's territory and the one with the most is given access to an Elite Mission.

The alliance's total faction can be viewed at the top of the Guild menu, while individual guilds' contributions are displayed on the Alliance tab.

Gaining Alliance Faction[]

Alliance Faction is the sum of the Kurzick or Luxon Faction of each guild in the alliance. To increase it, individual guilds should have their members and guests faction farm and then transfer gained faction to the alliance through the Faction Transfer NPC.

Players can only transfer faction in chunks of 5000. The exact amount deposited is always equal to the amount that the Alliance Faction increases by. So, 5000 faction transferred to the alliance will increase the Alliance Faction by 5000.

Updating Alliance Faction[]

  • Every guild's faction decays by 10% every 24 hours at midnight GMT. If you are online at the time of decay, you must change outposts in order to see the updated numbers. Note that it will never decay beyond 1.
  • Alliance Faction posted on outposts is updated every 3 hours. Updates take place at 1:00 AM, 4:00 AM, 7:00 AM, 10:00 AM , 1:00 PM, 4:00 PM, 7:00 PM, 10:00 PM GMT.

Controlling Outposts[]

Outposts on either side are sorted in order of value. When an alliance accumulates enough faction with their respective side, they will take over the lowest outpost in value. As they gain more they will begin to overtake alliances in the higher value outposts pushing them down to the lower value outposts.

Because of the delay in updating Alliance Faction, an alliance will not know if they have overtaken another alliance until the update time. This is sometimes used as a tactic among alliances to surprise their adversaries. If an alliance merges with another high-faction alliance, they can overtake a number of alliances ahead of them and surprise them.

When the Kurzick-Luxon border shifts as a result of Alliance Battles, alliances have the opportunity to claim an outpost located in the other side's territory. The first one that does so is the one that has the lowest value. For example, if the Luxons push into Kurzick territory and gain an outpost, they will get the Durheim Archives. If they push further, they will then control the Vasburg Armory. This can continue until the enemy armada controls 6 outposts of their rival alliance. But an enemy alliance can NEVER control their rival's capital or their challenge missions. This is to ensure a balance of both factions.

The following is a list of outposts on both sides sorted by decreasing faction value.

Echovald Forest

Jade Sea

  1. House zu Heltzer
  2. Altrumm Ruins
  3. Amatz Basin
  4. Tanglewood Copse
  5. Saint Anjeka's Shrine
  6. Lutgardis Conservatory
  7. Brauer Academy
  8. Vasburg Armory
  9. Durheim Archives
  1. Cavalon
  2. The Aurios Mines
  3. Zos Shivros Channel
  4. Breaker Hollow
  5. Bai Paasu Reach
  6. Eredon Terrace
  7. Leviathan Pits
  8. Seafarer's Rest
  9. Harvest Temple