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The Banner of the Am Fah

Warning: The following text contains spoilers relating to the plot of Guild Wars Factions.

The Am Fah is one of the two dominant gangs of Kaineng City, with the other being the Jade Brotherhood. Together, these two gangs have control over all trade of Kaineng City, both legal and illegal. However, these gangs are locked in a constant state of warfare with each other, and only cooperate over occasional crackdowns on their activities. If either is to gain the upper hand over the other, it could lead to a monopoly, and a possible coup against the emperor. The emperor's personal agents ensure that this never happens.

The Am Fah have embraced the plague currently affecting Cantha as a "gift from the Gods," and have even gone as far as to infect their own guild members with a disease in their worship of the plague.

The Am Fah generally wear dark masks and dark clothing. The Am Fah guild logo consists of two axes and what appears to be a Tengu skull with ram's horns. It may, in fact, be a skull representing Grenth. Their lair can be found deep within the Undercity, and is the location of the Orrian Tome during the quest Capturing the Orrian Tome.

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