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[[Image:Amnoon Arena Map.jpg|thumb|200px|right|Map of the Amnoon Oasis Arena.]]
*Max. Level: 20
Location: [[The Amnoon Oasis]]<br>
*Team Size: 4
Entry via: [[Competition Arenas]]/[[Team Arenas]]<br>
Max. Level: 20<br>
Team Size: 4<br>
This [[Annihilation]] map is available via [[Random Arenas]] and [[Codex Arena]].
==Getting there==
Random selection from [[Random Arenas]], [[Zaishen Elite]] or [[Codex Arena]]; can be chosen in the [[Zaishen Challenge]].
*Formerly, this arena was only accessible via [[Amnoon Oasis]].
[[Category:Crystal Desert]] [[Category:Arenas]]

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Map of the Amnoon Oasis Arena.

  • Max. Level: 20
  • Team Size: 4

This Annihilation map is available via Random Arenas and Codex Arena.

Getting there[]

Random selection from Random Arenas, Zaishen Elite or Codex Arena; can be chosen in the Zaishen Challenge.