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  1. Find Tukan on the rooftops and end his suffering.
  2. See Qian for your reward.

Obtained from

Qian in Wajjun Bazaar


Nahpui Quarter (mission)



"Oh, oh, oh... what am I to do?
I am sorry. That was not a very friendly greeting, but you have caught me at a bad time. You see, this accursed plague... I have lost my entire family to it. First my son, then my daughter. They both died in such agony... nothing my husband and I did eased their pain.
A few days ago, Tukan started showing symptoms. I am ashamed to say I left him. I cannot stand to think of him still suffering, but there is nothing I can do myself. The last I saw of him, he was stumbling around Xaquang Skyway. I can barely bring myself to speak these words, but I must: will you find Tukan and put an end to his misery?"
Accept: "I will end his pain."
Reject: "I can't do that!"
When asked about quest: "Please hurry to the rooftops! I do not want my darling Tukan to suffer any longer."

Intermediate Dialogue (Afflicted Tukan)


Reward Dialogue

"My husband's suffering is over, then? Thank you, <name>, for putting him to rest."


Exiting Senji's Corner, head north-west through the peasants to find Afflicted Tukan wandering alone. Defeat him and return to Qian for your reward.