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Ancestral Anguish map.jpg


  1. Seek out and purify the corrupted sprouts in Turai's Procession. Defeat any vile incarnations you encounter. You have 3...0 sprouts left to purify.
  2. See Mirza Veldrunner for your reward.

Obtained from

Mirza Veldrunner in Turai's Procession


Troubled Lands



"[Difficulty: Master] Our worst nightmare is realized. The great Ancestor Tree is showing signs of corruption! It is all my people have. All that holds us together. Never did I imagine this day would come. The evil we face rivals the power of your human gods. We must save the Ancestor Tree. Its roots span the entire region, but infection seems most concentrated to the south.
Travel there, and you will find ancestral sprouts, offshoots of our Ancestor Tree, that have become corrupted. Take these sacred roots and cleanse the corrupted roots with their power. I only hope it will slow the decay of our glorious tree..."
Accept: "Fear not, I shall purge the evil from your tree."
Reject: "Do my thumbs look green to you? Find yourself another gardener, friend."

Reward Dialogue

"Thank you. You have shown great kindness to our people. I see now that not all humans are evil. The corruption of the Ancestor Tree has been halted and my people rejoice, but we both know this is not the end of the dangers we face. Good luck on your journeys. The Centaur people will always be here for you."


Total Corruption


While the Master Difficulty rating might give some people pause, this quest is fully henchable.

Follow your map to next sprout. A spawn has three Corrupted Flowers and one Corrupted Root. If you kill the Corrupted Root first, the Flowers will die automatically. When you kill all of them, three to five Infectious Dementias will spawn. The quest is currently bugged, so you do not need to drop a sacred root to purify the area, rather, just kill the group and go onto the next one. Once all three groups are gone, go back to claim your reward.