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Animals, in the narrow sense, are most often characterized by the ability of Rangers to charm them into becoming Animal companions. Animal is a type of creature according to the effects Edge of Extinction. They can usually be recognized as being inherently neutral, though attackable, to players. They become hostile when attacked and when being the target of the Charm Animal skill during its activation time. The wolf and Black bear in pre-searing are the only aggressive animals in the game. Their post-searing counterparts are not aggressive.

The following skills affect uncharmed animals:

Animal subtypes[]

There are currently 36 unique charmable animals in the world of Guild Wars, and 34 pets to be unlocked in the Zaishen Menagerie Grounds. Some animals that might seem to be different are still considered to be the same pet in the Menagerie — these are the Tyrian and Elonian Warthog, the Wolf and Snow Wolf, and the Moa Bird and Strider .

Animal companions with their own statue in the Monument of Fellowship are marked in bold.

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