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  1. Travel back to the year 1070 AE.
  2. Search for familiar faces.
  3. Find Gwen.
  4. Defend Gwen from the G-1000.
  5. Escape to Ashford Abbey.
  6. Enter the dungeon below Ashford.
  7. Lure the G-1000 to the lava pit and throw it inside.
  8. Step into the lava pit to erase all evidence of golems from this timeline.
  9. See Corporal Bane for your reward.

Obtained from[]

Corporal Bane in Embark Beach


April Fools' Day 2012



Acceptance Dialogue[]

Corporal Bane: This is bad... I've just received a *CLASSIFIED INFORMATION* from the future. It looks like the Charr have sent a second golem to the past to kill Sarah's daughter, Gwen, when seh's still a child! Unfortunately, we can't go back again until our *CLASSIFIED INFORMATION* stabilizes from the last jump, so we're going to have to go with Plan B. Headquarters has been building its own golem to send back, but its *CLASSIFIED INFORMATION* hasn't been installed yet. I think I can set up the Moahawk controls to interface with it so you can control the golem from this time period with your mind. It should only take a few minutes to modify the controls; when you're ready, let me know, and I'll send your consciousness back to the past to save Gwen!

Accept: The future's not set! I'll save her!
Reject: No thanks, I liked the original better.

Intermediate Dialogue 1 (Corporal Bane)[]

When you're ready, I can link you up with the golem. I just hope you can do this without your weapons.

Accept: Weapons? Where we're going, we don't need weapons. We have a golem, after all.
Reject: Back to the past? Nah, I've already been there.

Intermediate Dialogue 2[]

Corporal Bane: (Alright, it looks like the time leap and golem interface were successful. Can you move?
<player's character>: Yes...I think so. This is a little disorienting.)
Corporal Bane: (Unfortunately, even though you can issue commands to the golem, you can't speak through it. But it does have a few preset phrases that you can make it say.)
Corporal Bane: (Just focus on moving and familiarizing yourself with the golem's skills. We need to find Gwen as soon as possible. I navigated the golem around the wall for you, but you'll have to handle the rest.)
Prince Rurik: Well that takes care of Vatlaaw Doomtooth. That'll teach him to mess with Ascalon.
Ascalonian Scout: Sir, I'm here to report sightings of what looks like a giant Charr caularon just norht of the wall. It seems they're preparing some kind of a ritual.
Prince Rurik: That sounds grave indeedl we't better go and check... Great Dwayna! What in blazes is that monstrosity?
Familiar-Looking Hero: Gwen? You mean Sarah's daughter? I've met her a few times.
Prince Rurik: A young child in danger> There's no time to lose! Let's get searching immediately. My father, the king, told me to always listen to strange travelers from the future, after all.
Familiar-Looking Hero: Prince Rurik, I want to save Gwen too, but are you sure we shouldn't have sent someone to investigate the Charr cauldron?
Prince Rurik: Not to worry soldier. If it were anything important, the golem would have tols us that first, right? The Charr investigation can wait a little longer, I'm sure.

Intermediate Dialogue 3[]

Familiar-Looking Hero: What is that thing? Gwen! Get Away!
(player): (What was that thing? It didn't look like any golem I've ever seen!)
Corporal Bane: (It's a new, more advanced type of golem the Charr have created. Instead of encaseing the crystal core in a solid steel chassis, they are using a crystallic-polymoc alloy.)
(player): (What the heck does that mean?)
Corporal Bane: (Liquid magic.)
Prince Rurik: It just disappeared into the ground! Be on your guard, it may return.
Familiar-Looking Hero: We shouldn't stay here, we're too exposed.
Prince Rurik: I agree, let's head for Ashford. The monks there may be able to help us deal with the golem.
(player): (I'd forgotten how beautiful Ascalon was before the Searing. O wish I could go back to those days.)
Corporal Bane: (Its beauty is certainly unparalled, but sometimes you have to move on. You can't spend your life living in the past.)

Intermediate Dialogue 4[]

Brother Menhlo: Ah, Prince Rurik, what brings you to the abbey today?
Familiar-Looking Hero: We're in trouble Mhenlo, there's some kind of invincible golem chasing Gwen and...
Prince Rurik: Wait this may be the golem in disguise; first, we need to prove that he's really Brother Mhenlo!
Prince Rurik: I'll ask a question only the real Brother Mhenlo could answer. What do you love most in this world?
Brother Mhenlo: Cynn.
Prince Rurik: Hmm... Possibly too easy. What do you fear most in this world?
Brother Mhenlo: Also Cynn.
Prince Rurik: He's the real one alright. In that case, we need to find a way to kill an evil shape-shifting golem from the future, any ideas?
Brother Mhenlo: Perhaps we could lure it into one of the lava pits in the dungeon below the abbey?
Prince Rurik: You have a dungeon under the abbey... and it has lava pits?
Brother Mhenlo: There are several layers of catacombs beneath the abbey, actually. It seems like a bad idea to build an abbey over a gaping cavern connected to the underworld, but I'm no architect.
Prince Rurik: Very well. Let us travel as soon as the golem is ready.

Intermediate Dialogue 5[]

Brother Mhenlo: Quickly, the lava pits are this way!
Meerak the Scribe: You can't go down there, Mhenlo, that area has been closed off.
Brother Mhenlo: Meerak? What are you doing down here? I thought you were traveling to Foibles Fair today.
Prince Rurik: Stand aside, man, this is royal business.
Familiar-Looking Hero: Wait, Prince Rurik, something isn't right here.

Intermediate Dialogue 6[]

Prince Rurik: It's re-forming! We must move now! We can fight it back if we need more time, but defeating it will only be a temporary solution!
Brother Mhenlo: This way! To the lava pits!

Intermediate Dialogue 7[]

(player): (Is this really going to work?)
Corporal Bane: (If it burns, we can kill it.)

Intermediate Dialogue 8[]

Gwen: Is it dead?
Annihilator 2.0: *AN-NI-HIL-A-TED*
Familiar-Looking Hero: Well, I just hope that repairs the timeline.
Gwen: Wait, you mean...?
Annihilator 2.0: *IT HAS TO END HERE*
Corporal Bane: (You have to command the golem into the lava pit. It can't self-annihilate.)

Reward Dialogue[]

You did it! The timeline is restored, and Gwen is safe! I sure hope that's the last of these Annihilator golems. All this time travel is giving me a headache.


Prince Rurik

  • "I'll stick close to you. Running off would be suicide."
  • "You know, I meant to send out a scouting party to see what the Charr have been up to lately, but I think it can wait one more day."
  • "You are a pox upon Ascalon, and I'm going to stab you now! Hmm, that battle cry needs some work."
  • "Don't you know who I am? I'm the CROWN PRINCE of Ascalon!"


  • "Is everyone from the future as tall as you?"
  • "You have to listen to the way people talk. You don't say 'affirmative,' you say 'okie dokie.'"
  • "I hid my flute earlier, but I don't remember where I put it."
  • "When I get married, I hope my husband isn't too wishy-washy."

Familiar-Looking Hero

  • "One of these days, I'm gonna do something important, you'll see."
  • "You know there are only five gods right now? I bet I'd make a good sixth god."
  • "Ugh! I knew I shouldn't have taken these skills. I don't suppose we can go back to an outpost?"
  • "I hope this doesn't ruin my survivor title."



  • Many aspects of this quest are references to the movie Terminator 2: Judgment Day.
    • "Annihilator" is a synonym for "terminator."
      • The repeated *CLASSIFIED INFORMATION*'s are almost certainly a reference to the time traveler Mikuru Asahina, from The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya. In that series, whenever she tries to say something she's not supposed to, she automatically says *CLASSIFIED INFORMATION* instead of whatever she meant to say, even midsentence.
  • In Annihilator there was a Secret Dialogue which foreshadowed these events.
  • When starting the quest, you will be shown the first ever cutscene of Guild Wars which is also seen when creating a new Prophecies Roleplaying Character. However, it's slightly modified by introducting the Golem.
  • This quest allows you to earn Vanguard reputation and titles even if Eye of the North is not linked to your account.