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Skill details
Anthem of Guidance
Anthem of Guidance.jpg
Campaign Nightfall Paragon
Profession Paragon
Attribute Command
Type Elite Chant
    4 Adrenaline.png 1 Activation.png    

Full: For 10 seconds, the next attack skill used by each party member within earshot cannot be blocked.

Concise: (10 seconds.) Party members in earshot are unblockable with their next attack skill.


Signet of Capture:


  • For skills like Dual Shot, Cyclone Axe or any Assassin dual attack, only the first hit will be unblockable.
  • Essentially an unlinked skill and can be used with no investment in the Command attribute.
  • This chant ends after the next attack whether the attack hits, misses, or fails. The only exception to this seems to be if Black Spider Strike misses, due to the target having no hex on them, in which case Anthem of Guidance will not end.

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