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  1. Meet with Dengo on the Plains of Jarin
  2. Protect Dengo from corsair attacks as you travel to the Sunspear Great Hall.
  3. See Mehinu for your reward.

Obtained from

Mehinu in Kamadan, Jewel of Istan.


Nightfall character



"Hey, I need some serious muscle for a job, but I'll guess you'll do. The recent corsair raids have made it difficult to import or export goods, and I need to get these shipments out. I have some new armor pieces that must get through to the Astralarium. Those corsairs don't scare me, but I've got a shop to run. I can't go gallivanting all over the place. Do you think you can escort my courier, Dengo, through the Plains of Jarin and protect him from any troublemaker corsairs?"

Intermediate Dialogue

"Mehinu might seem as cold as a piece of armor on a wet morning. But, truly, she can be as warm and sweet as buttermilk once you get to know her. For example, after she's just killed someone."
"Mehinu sent you? Well, I guess you must be tougher than you look. I'm Dengo, Mehinu's assistant and courier. The roads have gotten really dangerous lately with so much corsair raiding. I heard a rumor that there's a single corsair leader uniting all of the corsair guilds. It would be a real mess if that ever happened. Anyhow, we should probably get moving."

Reward Dialogue

"Those corsairs didn't give you too much trouble did they? Good to know you can handle yourself. And thank you for watching after Dengo. He's a hard worker but a terrible fighter. Take these materials as payment for a job well done. Just so you know, that's enough to craft a nice helmet. Let me know if you want me to craft one for you out of those materials."


Exit into the Plains of Jarin from Kamadan. Dengo can be found standing near the Resurrection Shrine outside. Approach him and he will begin to move. He runs (although he pauses to catches his breath periodically) towards the Sunspear Great Hall, so following him will guide you to the first outpost for a new character. On the way, he attacks anything that attacks him; and since he's level 10, he can pretty much take on anything without your help. When you reach the desert area, a small group of corsairs will attack. Dispatch them and just follow him the remainder of the way to the Sunspear Great Hall's entrance.

Bug.png Bug! Dengo will sometimes stop walking and become unresponsive in the middle of the trip. Killing the Corsair Spotter that appears to the north after defeating the other corsairs will cause Dengo to move again. This bug can be avoided by waiting with Dengo when he says the Corsairs are attacking and attack them when they arrive. Running off to intercept the Corsairs before they reach Dengo seems to be the cause of the problem. However, sometimes the corsairs try to run as soon as you try and attack, even if they are within aggro range of Dengo. A possible way to overcome this is to back off a bit when he says they are attacking, and wait until they actually start attacking him before you join the battle, this should ensure they don't try and run.
Bug.png Bug! Claiming your reward with a full inventory may cause the quest to simply abandon itself, meaning you need to talk to Mehinu and escort Dengo one more time.