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Ascalonian Refugee
Species: Human
Profession: -icon.png
Level(s): 5, 10 (20)



Refugees are found throughout the Northern Shiverpeaks on their way to Kryta. Unlike their Eye of the North counterparts, they have no special features. They are level 5, and level 20 in Hard Mode. They can be seen most notably in Deldrimor Bowl walking from Beacon's Perch to Griffon's Mouth. They play a major role in To Kryta: Refugees.

Eye of the North[]

Ascalonian Refugees are located at resurrection shrines in the Charr Homelands. They will give you the Vanguard Patrol blessing if you do not have it, or a bonus if you have accumulated several kills under the blessing already. Additionally, as you rise in the ranks of the Ebon Vanguard Title Track, they will direct you to Gedrel of Ascalon to reap the rewards. These refugees are level 10.


Sample Blessing Dialogue

"Hail, and well met! You're one of those adventurers, aren't you? I recognize your type. I know you folk are usually looking for things to do, and have I got a job for you. The creatures all over this land have got to be eradicated. If you help, I'll share these marching orders with you to make the job go faster."
Accept: "Killing: it's not just a job, it's an adventure."
Reject: "If your'e a scout, why are you always standing here?"

Title Track Update Dialogue

Tales of your heroics are spreading. I have heard talk that Gedrel of Ascalon [Vanguard Herald] in the Eye of the North wishes to discuss your exploits.