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Ascalonian Townsfolk
Ascalon Townsfolk.jpeg
Species: Human
Level(s): 1


Ascalonian Townsfolks are NPCs wandering around in various explorable areas in Pre-Searing. They have no known uses in the game.




  • "Sorry no time to talk today. I'm on my way to the market to pick up some fresh fish. If I lollygag, there won't be anything left but a few rotten fish heads."
  • "My son would have been about your age. He was killed in a Charr ambush in Diessa."
  • "Lovely day isn't it. Thanks be to Melandru."
  • "You should really visit the crafters, today. I've just been, and their wares are excellent."
  • "What a handsome couple Prince Rurik and Lady Althea make. Their wedding is going to be quite an event. I heard the train on Lady Althea's dress is going to be twenty feet long!"
  • "My daughter hasn't been feeling well, so I'm going to see Ciglo. His remedies have never failed us, and his prices are very good. "
  • "Oh hello. I'm just taking a quick break from the chores and enjoying some fresh air."
  • "I'm serving mutton stew tonight. Everyone always try to get the recipe out of me, but I won't tell a soul. It's an old family secret, it is."
  • "My husband's serving in the army. It's awfully lonely without him here, but I know he's doing his duty."


  • "I've heard rumors that Prince Rurik and his father haven't been seeing eye-to-eye. If it comes down to it, I stand with the prince. "
  • "There's good hunting out towards the lake, you know. You can find wild pigs, bears, and even monstrous skale. "
  • "I have a son about your age. He hopes to be a Warmaster before long. "
  • "The missus and I came into town to buy some goods, but we're heading back to Regent Valley later today. "
  • "This weather has been nice, but our crops sure could use a little rain. "
  • "The sun's out, the fish are jumping, it's a peaceful time. What more could we ask for? "
  • "That idiot Edwen thinks he can just let his pigs wander into our garden and eat our vegetables. Well, I'm sick of it, I tell you. "
  • "Both of Jargus's oxen went lame yesterday. Rough luck, that. "