Assassin elite skill locations

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This page gives the locations of elite skills for the Assassin at a glance. There are 25 elite Assassin skills.

Critical Strikes[edit | edit source]

Dark Apostasy Dark Apostasy (Factions)

Locust's Fury Locust's Fury (Factions)

Palm Strike Palm Strike (Factions)

Seeping Wound Seeping Wound (Factions)

Shattering Assault Shattering Assault (Nightfall)

Way of the Assassin Way of the Assassin (Nightfall)

Dagger Mastery[edit | edit source]

Flashing Blades Flashing Blades (Factions)

Fox's Promise Fox's Promise (Nightfall)

Golden Skull Strike Golden Skull Strike (Nightfall)

Moebius Strike Moebius Strike (Factions)

Temple Strike Temple Strike (Factions)

Deadly Arts[edit | edit source]

Assassin's Promise Assassin's Promise (Factions)

Mark of Insecurity Mark of Insecurity (Nightfall)

Shadow Prison Shadow Prison (Nightfall)

Shroud of Silence Shroud of Silence (Factions)

Siphon Strength Siphon Strength (Factions)

Way of the Empty Palm Way of the Empty Palm (Factions)

Shadow Arts[edit | edit source]

Beguiling Haze Beguiling Haze (Factions)

Hidden Caltrops Hidden Caltrops (Nightfall)

Shadow Form Shadow Form (Factions)

Shadow Shroud Shadow Shroud (Factions)

No Attribute[edit | edit source]

Assault Enchantments Assault Enchantments (Nightfall)

Aura of Displacement Aura of Displacement (Factions)

Shadow Meld Shadow Meld (Nightfall)

Wastrel's Collapse Wastrel's Collapse (Nightfall)

Elite skill locations