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A typical Asura

Asura surrounding an Asura gate


The Asura are a subterranean race which originally dwelt in the Depths of Tyria, but were forced into the Tarnished Coast by the forces of the Great Destroyer. They are diminutive, intelligent, ambitious and arrogant. They have a large subterranean empire, and are magically and technologically adept. They traverse the world through magical portals known as Asura Gates.

The Asura are one of the four factions players help in Guild Wars Eye of the North. They will also be a playable race in Guild Wars 2.

Prominent Asura[]


  • There is a miniature Asura officially released by ArenaNet as a promotional offer available through various gaming magazines.
  • After adding the promotional key you can use the /special command to retrieve your Asura miniature.
  • At this point, you receive a network connection failure error if you attempt to attach a second Asura access key to an account.


  • Asura architecture includes sculptures similar to those in Kurzick and Altrumm architecture.
  • Asura are semi-divine creatures in Hinduism and Buddhism. See the Wikipedia articles about Asuras in Hinduism and Asuras in Buddhism. The Guild Wars Asura may or may not be inspired by these. In Buddhism, one of the six realms is the realm of the Asuras, who are constantly fighting. Curiously enough, Asura loosely translates to titan, demigod or giant in the Buddhist context. In Hinduism, it translates to demon.
  • Asura fashion is inspired by Native American and Mesoamerican cultures.
  • Asura closely parallel traditional fantasy Gnomes, both in small stature, technological advancement, and traditionally subterranean habitat.

Asura in GW2[]


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The Asura will be a playable race in Guild Wars 2, although little is known about their post-destroyer society.

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