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Effect details
Asuran Bodyguard
Asuran Bodyguard.jpgAsuran Bodyguard Rank 2.jpg
Asuran Bodyguard Rank 3.jpgAsuran Bodyguard Rank 4.jpg
Campaign: Eye of the North
Type: Bounty
Reputation: Asura Title Track

Earn 1 Asura reputation point for each creature your party slays in this area. After every 25 kills, you receive a random bonus.

Asuran Bodyguard Rank 2/3/4 description:

You earn an additional +2/3/4 reputation points per kill.


  • Asuran krewe members at Resurrection Shrines throughout the Tarnished Coast
    • The first krewe member you speak with in an explorable area will give you the Asuran Bodyguard blessing. Other krewe members in the area will give you either bonus reputation points or a Hunt Rank Up bonus.
      • The earliest you can receive Rank 2 is 50 kills, but it can be as late as 300 kills.
      • The earliest you can receive Rank 3 is 75 kills.
      • The earliest you can receive Rank 4 is 100 kills.
    • You can only receive a blessing or bonus points once from each krewe member until you rezone.


  • Only creatures that you earn experience points from are counted by this bounty. Therefore, summoned creatures, animals, resurrected enemies, and creatures under level 15 do not count.
  • In Hard Mode, the base Asuran Bodyguard gives 2 points per kill. The other ranks remain the same.
  • This blessing is not available to characters in Normal Mode who have reached rank 8 in the Asuran Title Track; it is likewise not available in Hard Mode to characters that have reached rank 10. Instead, the character will receive the Veteran Asuran Bodyguard blessing.


The random bonuses you can receive are:

Boss bonus[]

While not mentioned in the description, you also receive bonus reputation points for each boss you kill. The amount of points depends on the number of enemies slain at the time the boss is killed.

  • The boss bonus is doubled while under Hunt Rampage.
Kills Points gained (Normal Mode) Points gained (Hard Mode)
1-50 50 75
51-100 100 150
101-150 150 225
151-200 200 300
201-250 250 375
251+ 300 450

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