Attack (skill type)

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Skill types

Attack:"An enhanced melee or projectile attack."

Attack skills are a sub-class of the type skill. When activated, they cause you to attack and provide a damage bonus or additional effect for that attack. Also, there are skills that interact with Attack skills by providing aditional effects to attacks, modifying their costs and/or recharge times, or hitting a target multiple times.

Subtypes of the type "attack skill" require the attacker to be wielding a specific kind of weapon (or have a living pet). Attempting to use an attack skill with the wrong kind of weapon will result in red message stating the wrong weapon type is equipped. Also, when the wrong kind of weapon is equipped, the skill icon for an attack skill will be greyed out with a red slash across it and a small weapon icon showing the required weapon type.

The following shows the attack skill sub-type tree and which professions have skills of each type:

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