Attack the Kurzicks!

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Overview[edit | edit source]


  1. Make contact with Khim.
  2. Destroy the forces marching on Gyala Hatchery. You have 9...0 groups remaining.
  3. See Captain Juno for your reward.

Obtained from

Captain Juno in Cavalon



"It seems the Kurzicks have taken a break from writing horrible ballads and tree hugging and decided to actually confront us. A small force has been detected marching towards Gyala Hatchery. Will you fight?"
Accept: "I'm always up for a brawl."
Reject: "Who can fight when there are songs to be written and trees to be hugged? Go on without me."

Intermediate Dialogue (Khim)

"It seems our Kurzick friends, and by friends I mean enemies, have sent extra troops our way. We're the only line of defense between them and the hatchery.
It's days like this that I question why I'm guarding giant turtles...."

Reward Dialogue

"That was the first of many attacks, but you helped us get through it. You have my gratitude."

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

The road to Gyala Hatchery through the winding Maishang Hills can be long but not difficult. If you already have Eredon Terrace on your map, start from there to shorten the trip. The fun begins just outside the entrance to the hatchery. As soon as you talk to Khim, he and Hannai will run west to a sandy bank and start preparing for battle. They will usually get killed off in the first fight; it is not necessary to save them.

Waves will approach Khim's location from the northwest and southwest, while a separate wave approaches the resurrection shrine from the north. New waves won't spawn until all members of the previous one have been killed. Each wave has between 5 and 8 Kurzicks, containing one or more of the following:

After the first two waves at Khim's position, the third wave will contain two Kurzick Juggernauts. They move slowly, are unlinked to the other Kurzicks, and can usually be dealt with well before or after any other Kurzicks by pulling them; but be careful they don't incapacitate your party's healers with Juggernaut Toss. The last two groups come together from the north, led by the boss, General Kaimer Vasburg.

Note that the waves converging on Khim's position remain there instead of advancing to the resurrection shrine; you can deal with all the spawns coming from the north, up to and including General Kaimer's group, and then head west. Otherwise, the Luxon NPCs at the shrine will get killed off eventually, and you may end up fighting three groups simultaneously.

It would be wise to target the Kurzick Monks first; they are very potent healers, and can extend a fight much longer than necessary.