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Location Crafter Armor Gold Bandana Tunic Gloves Leggings Boots Total
Central Transfer Chamber Gobrech Stonefoot 60 10 Platinum 50 Cloth 150 Cloth
15 Damask
50 Cloth
5 Damask
100 Cloth
10 Damask
50 Cloth
5 Damask
400 Cloth
35 Damask

Aureate Pants

File:Monk Dwarven Aureate Pants Male Front.jpg File:Monk Dwarven Aureate Pants Male Back.jpg

Dwarven Monk Male Aureate Pants

Full Set

Monk Dwarven armor m.jpgFile:Monk Dwarven armor m back.jpg

Dwarven Monk Male Armor

Colorable Areas

Dyed Green:

File:Monk Dwarven Armor Male DyedGreen1.jpg File:Monk Dwarven Armor Male DyedGreen2.jpg File:Monk Dwarven Armor Male DyedGreen3.jpg
Facing Profile Back

Dyed White:

File:Monk Dwarven Armor Male DyedWhite1.jpg Monk Dwarven Armor Male DyedWhite2.jpg
Facing Back