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a Tyrian axe and a Canthan axe.

The Axe is a primary weapon that usually causes slashing damage (with very few exceptions that cause piercing damage). Most axe skills use adrenaline, not energy, and many of them can be chained together to inflict numerous conditions.

The Warrior's Axe Mastery attribute improves damage dealt by the axe and linked skills, and is often a requirement for this weapon type. Equipping an axe is required to perform Axe Mastery skills. There also tend to be more Area of Effect skills in the Axe Mastery line, such as Cyclone Axe and Triple Chop, which when used with the right skills can reap numerous rewards.

Damage Stats[]

  • The maximum damage range for axes is 6-28. The minimum damage range is 2-3.
Note: A low damage axe can also have minimum damage of 7 (instead of 6).
  • Axes swing every 1.33 seconds(Certain attack animations involve two swings of the axe in rapid succession, but actually only one "attack" is carried out).
  • Axes tend to have a very wide range of damage compared to swords and hammers. An axe may do 6-28 damage, whereas a sword of the same level would do 15-22 damage and a hammer would do 19-35.
  • On average, the highest level axe will do 12.8 damage per second (17 damage per hit), while its sword counterpart would do 13.9 dps (18.5 dph) and the hammer would do 16.3dps (27dph). It is therefore best to invest heavily in Axe Mastery to increase the likelihood of a critical hit and make use of the axe's high end damage. Based on the critical hit research, a max damage axe will produce more average damage per hit than a max damage sword at weapon mastery 11 or higher.
  • Axes with an attribute requirement of 0 have been observed with damage ranges as high as 6-12.

Upgrades and Modifiers[]

An axe can be equipped with a magic Axe Haft (name prefix) and/or Axe Grip (name suffix) to add extra bonuses to the weapon.

Furthermore an axe may come with a number of non-salvagable weapon modifiers in Prophecies and Factions, or an Inscription slot in Nightfall and Eye of the North.

See "Weapon Upgrades" for details.

Axe Types[]

Note: The only thing influenced by the type is the damage type, and even that can be ignored because the vast majority of axes cause Slashing damage. A few cause Piercing damage, which has a few more counters than Slashing damage, such as Bonelace Armor. Other stats (range, damage range, swing rate) are not influenced. A max damage Sephis Axe does the same amount of damage as a max damage Cleaver, which does the same damage as a max damage Battlepick. Which visual appearance you prefer is mostly a matter of taste.

Please consult our visual gallery or see them listed by campaign below.


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