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Path from Gate of Secrets

Path from Gate of Fear (should you wish to bring The Oddbodies)


  1. Seek out the Fortune Teller in the Domain of Fear and defeat her.
  2. See Imperial Captain Shi Wang for your reward.

Obtained from

Imperial Captain Shi Wang in the Gate of Fear


A History of Violence



"[Difficulty: Master] Ready your strength, <player name>. My comrades revealed to me that the Fortune Teller that poisoned Shiro's mind dwells nearby. Journey to the Domain of Fear and end her machinations once and for all. It will bring peace to us and Emperor Angsiyan's spirit to know that such evil is destroyed."
Accept: This is one suprise the fortune teller won't see coming.
Decline: She won't see this coming...because I'm not doing it.

Intermediate Dialogue: (Fortune Teller)

"Have you come to hear your fortune, <player name>?"
"Your only future is an untimely death! I shall corrupt your soul as I corrupted that of Shiro."

Intermediate Dialogue: (Demonic Fortune Teller)

"Do you really think you stand a chance against Abaddon, mortal? This is his realm!"

Reward Dialogue: (Imperial Captain Shi Wang)

"It pleases me greatly to hear that the demon has been destroyed. Now, we must return Shiro's spirit to the Mists, where he can pay for his deeds in the proper manner."

Follow Up:



It's closer to start the quest from the Gate of Secrets. Head for the quest marker and beware of the Seed of Suffering's group on your way.

When you get to the spot, the Fortune Teller will be standing next to a group of Margonites. After you dispatch all of them (make sure to kill them off first before her), the fight will not be over. She will turn into a Mesmer torment creature boss similar to a Herald of Nightmares: the Demonic Fortune Teller. She will also spawn with six or so torment creatures at this point. After you kill her demonic incarnation, the quest will be completed.

Note:You do not have to kill the spawned torment creatures to complete the quest, so you might want to pull the Fortune Teller out of the area before killing her or focus fire on the Demonic Fortune Teller before dealing with the torment creatures.