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  1. Go to the Hammer Gate. Talk to Gate Guard Hollis.

Obtained from

Captain Arne in Ascalon City


Completed Defend the Wall
Fort Ranik (mission)
Prophecies Character



"I have a task for you, in the name of Prince Rurik. While the King's Army fights a defensive war against the Charr, a few of us, the Vanguard of Ascalon, have pledged to take the fight to our enemies.
Duke Barradin led a Vanguard force across the Wall yesterday, but we've lost contact with them. Go to the Hammer Gate in Old Ascalon and question Gate Guard Hollis. Learn what you can of the whereabouts and condition of Barradin's Force."

Reward Dialogue

"Oh, I can tell you exactly where Duke Barradin went. Yes, he and a company of red-cloaked Vanguard troops passed north through this very gate. We rescued a deserter not long after that. Seems they fell under heavy attack, and the duke decided to push through, wanted to find refuge in the ruins of Piken Square."


Barradin's Stand
Supplies for the Duke
Fires in the East


Exit Ascalon City into Old Ascalon and proceed west along the Wall. You will first reach Gate Guard Sebastein and he admits that he has not seen Barradin or his troops and suggests that you talk to Gate Guard Hollis. Keep heading west and you will eventually reach Gate Guard Hollis. Talk to him and he will give you your reward and activate Barradin's Stand.