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  1. Go to Piken Square and see if Duke Barradin needs assistance.

Obtained from

Gate Guard Hollis in Old Ascalon


Barradin's Advance


Armor 6 (req 4. Tactics)


"Oh, I can tell you exactly where Duke Barradin went. Yes, he and a company of red-cloaked Vanguard troops passed north through this very gate. We rescued a deserter not long after that. Seems they fell under heavy attack, and the duke decided to push through, wanted to find refuge in the ruins of Piken Square.
Listen, my duties keep me here at the Wall, but if you want to try to break through the whole Balthazar-cursed Charr army to meet up with Barradin, gods protect you, I say. No doubt the duke will greet you with open arms."

Intermediate Dialogue

Ascalon Hunter: "Psst. Over here!"
Ascalon Hunter: "The Breach is a dangerous place, my friends."
Ascalon Hunter: "Duke Barradin has asked me to watch for people brave enough to cross the Wall."
Ascalon Hunter: "Follow me. I'll show you the safest way to Piken Square."
Ascalon Hunter: "The Charr have been patrolling the area regularly, but so far they've left us alone in Piken."
Ascalon Hunter: "It's just up ahead. Not far now."
Ascalon Hunter: "Well friends, I must report to the duke. Perhaps we will meet again soon."

Reward Dialogue

"Captain Arne sent you, you say? Well then, welcome. I am Duke Barradin of Ascalon. It is good to see a friendly face in this dark hour. We Vanguard are few, but we are unwavering in our purpose. Clearly you are as tenacious as any of my men, or you would never have made it here. I salute you."


Simply travel to Piken Square and speak to the Duke to complete the quest. The Ascalon Hunter will lead the way.