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Explorable area
Campaign Eye of the North
Region Depths of Tyria
Map area n/a
Neighbors Central Transfer Chamber
Heart of the Shiverpeaks
Ice Cliff Chasms
Varajar Fells
Services Merchant

Description[edit | edit source]

The Battledepths is an underground explorable area. The main chamber in the center of the northern part of the map contains a number of Dwarven quest NPCs. There is a dungeon, Heart of the Shiverpeaks, accessible from the southwest corner of the area. Once that dungeon has been completed through the quest Destruction's Depths, a new outpost will appear, the Central Transfer Chamber, which opens directly into the main chamber.

Getting there[edit | edit source]

Until a character reaches the Central Transfer Chamber, the Battledepths can only be accessed through either Ice Cliff Chasms or Varajar Fells.

  • The route through Ice Cliff Chasms from the Eye of the North has no foes, but within the Battledepths you must fight through 5 groups of 2 Whirling Wisps and a group of 4 Chilling Wisps to reach the main chamber.
  • The route through Varajar Fells from Olafstead has more foes, but enters the main chamber directly.

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