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  1. Accumulate 10,000 unspent Kurzick faction points.
  2. See Count zu Heltzer for your reward.

Obtained from

Count zu Heltzer in House zu Heltzer


Journey to House zu Heltzer


  • 10,000 XP
  • 700 Gold
  • Raises Kurzick faction cap by 10,000 points (only once per account)


"The Council has spoken. To prove your allegiance, you must first earn Kurzick faction by undertaking tasks on behalf of the Kurzicks. There is rumor that certain unscrupulous individuals will even sell faction for gold! When you have accumulated 10,000 unspent faction points, you will be counted as an ally of the Kurzicks. What say you?"
Accept: "I'll prove myself a friend to the Kurzicks."
Reject: "I don't have time jump through hoops."
When asked about quest: "You have not yet accumulated 10,000 unspent Kurzick faction points, so I cannot help you."

Reward Dialogue

"You have proven yourself a true friend to the Kurzicks. You are welcome in our lands and may count us as allies in your fight against Shiro."


The Defenders of the Forest


You don't have to do all the quests available that give Kurzick Faction as a reward, as that provides a total of 11,500 faction, more than enough to complete this quest. You can also do repeatable quests, fight at Fort Aspenwood, The Jade Quarry, participate in Alliance Battles, or use the Blessing of the Kurzicks to get faction.

See also: Category:Gives Kurzick points for a list of quests offering Kurzick Faction points as part of their reward.


  • You don't lose the 10,000 faction you just earned after accepting the reward.
  • Since faction points are shared among characters of the same account it may be worth considering to do this quest with more than one character simultaneously, so that those characters benefit from the collected Faction.
  • It is not recommended to collect Kurzick faction and Luxon faction simultaneously, because when you spend faction for one side you automatically lose up to the same amount of faction for the opponent side. So in order not to waste any faction it is best to keep your faction level for one side at zero while you collect faction for the other side. Then redeem all your faction for that side, switch sides and start collecting faction for the other side.