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  1. Speak with Whispers Adept.
  2. Protect the villages of the Yatendi Canyons from attack. You have 6...0 Margonite groups left to destroy.
  3. See Whispers Adept for your reward.

Obtained from

Whispers Acolyte in Chantry of Secrets


A Brief Introduction



"[Difficulty: Master] <name>! The Order of Whispers needs you once more. Our duty of protecting the land has become a nearly impossible task due to recent events. We need strong men and women to stand together against the threats facing our people. If you are the <profession> we think you are, you will talk to Whispers Adept."
Accept: "We shall soon find out."
Reject: "You must have me confused with someone else."

Intermediate Dialogue (Whispers Adept)

"Alas, Margonites have released the titan Saevio Proelium from his tomb. The Titan has fled back to its lair in the Realm of Torment, but now the Margonites seek revenge for its long imprisonment! Most of the citizens here are miners or farmers. They can't defend themselves against these abominations. I have word the villages of the Yatendi Canyons are under attack! These peasants will be slaughtered if you don't get there right away!"

Reward Dialogue

"Good work! While my order toils in the shadows and yours in the light, let the two ever be considered allies and comrades against the mystical threats that endanger Elona."


Getting to the main location requires you to go through several mobs and four bosses - Corporal Suli, Hajok Earthguardian, Makdeh the Aggravating and Tain the Corrupter. Triggering the quest marker causes six groups of 6-8 Margonites each, approaching in three waves of two groups, to attack. As you will be fighting in one place all the time, wells, wards, and traps help a lot. Being wiped out entirely does not fail the quest, and therefore, even with no team build and simply a lot of persistence, this is easily possible. It's an easy quest if you have a Minion Master since the minions take most of the damage and there are plenty of bodies.


  • This quest could be used to farm Lightbringer Points. After you get to the quest marker, quickly talk to the Whispers Informant to get the bounty for Margonites. After you've killed all the mobs, return to town, abandon the quest, and take it again for a repeatable 74 points gain.


  • "Between a rock and a hard place" is an English idiom that describes a difficult situation where one is faced with two unsatisfactory options.