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Birthday Present
Birthday Present.png
Subtype Package
Rarity Common
Value 0 Gold
Stackable No
Campaign Core
Uses 1


Happy <Nth> birthday!
Double-click to open.


All characters (whether a roleplaying character or PvP character) will receive a Birthday Present every time the character's in-game /age accumulates a multiple of 12 months. The present will appear in the character's inventory the next time the player logs in to that character with at least 1 free inventory space.


Double-clicking a Birthday Present will open it, revealing an item from the lists below depending on what year the present is for.

1st–5th Year Presents[]

Birthday Presents for the first 5 years contain a miniature randomly selected from that year's series. All 5 series contain the same distribution of rarity and drop chance, given in the following table.

Rarity Number Chance
White 8 80%
Purple 3 15%
Gold 2 4%
Green 1 1%

6th Year Presents[]

6th year presents contain an everlasting tonic randomly selected from that year's series.

7th Year Presents[]

7th year presents drop purple, gold, or green miniatures from the first five years. (The official wiki reports that John Stumme has stated that they can also drop other rare miniatures, but this has yet to be confirmed.)


  • The present will be identified as a <Nth> Year Birthday Present depending on how old the character is.
  • The content of the present is determined when it is created, not when it is opened.
  • A character will not receive the present until the same time of day (UTC) that they were created.
Anomaly.png Anomaly! The year is calculated as exactly 365 days. Thus, for each leap day that has occurred within a character's "lifetime," that character's birthday will occur 1 day earlier than their original creation date.