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Black Bear
Black Bear.jpg
Species: Animal
Profession: Pet
Level(s): 3, 5

Black Bears are charmable animals native to the Southern Shiverpeaks that occasionally wander through the Kingdom of Ascalon. When encountered outside their natural habitat, they tend to be more aggressive than normal, allowing them to break free of most charming attempts.


Skills used[]

Items dropped[]


  • The easiest place to charm a Black Bear is at the beginning of the Ice Caves of Sorrow mission. Multiple bears will spawn near the starting point, and one should be close enough to pull away from the nearby enemies.
  • The Brutal Mauling skill takes longer than a regular attack but deals no additional damage, giving the Black Bear a lower damage output compared to other pets. However, this attack skill allows the bear to trigger effects that require an attack skill, such as those provided by certain Paragon chants that affect all allies.
  • Taming a Black Bear in Pre-Searing is difficult, but not impossible. It requires two players, the one charming the bear and a decoy.
    • The decoy must move in first to take the bear's aggro. The charmer should stand with the bear at the limit of spell range.
    • Wait for the bear to use Brutal Mauling, which it will use on every fourth attack. Right as it begins activating the skill, the charmer activates Charm Animal and the decoy begins running away.
    • When the bear finishes Brutal Mauling, it will chase after the decoy, taking it far enough away that Breaking Charm will be unable to affect the charmer.
    • There is a video on Youtube demonstrating this technique.
  • Black Bears deal slashing damage.