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Black Moa
Black Moa.jpg
Species: Animal
Profession: Pet
Level(s): 20

The Black Moa is a charmable animal native to the Echovald Forest.



  • The Black Moa allegedly assaulted four young men who were traveling in Ferndale. So bloody and terrifying was the assault that most of them could not even remember where it actually took place. Finding and dealing with the "elusive, mysterious, cunning, devious, and despicable" Black Moa is the objective of the quest The Beak of Darkness.
    • The Black Moa can be found in Ferndale, southwest of the Kurzick Aspenwood Gate outpost. Beware of the large number of Dredge patrols in the area, including the boss Mungri Magicbox.
    • Charming the Black Moa, rather than killing it, will also fulfill the final objective of the quest.
    • The Black Moa will spawn whenever you enter Ferndale as long as any character in the party has completed the quest.
  • In the wild, the Black Moa always has an "elder" evolution, even though the creature's name does not indicate this. To obtain a fully evolved Black Moa, you must either death level a Black Moa at the Zaishen Menagerie Grounds or pay Helena to unlock the last tier.
  • Other species of Moa can be found throughout the world:
  • Black Moas deal slashing damage.
  • The Black Moa has its own statue on the Monument of Fellowship.


Black Moa causing panic.

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