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Effect details
Blessing of the Kurzicks
Holy Blessing.jpg
Campaign: Factions
Type: Blessing
Price: 100 Gold
Level 20+ non-animal foes
Kurzick-controlled explorable areas

You have +25 maximum Health and +3 Health regeneration. You gain Kurzick faction for hunting in this area. Boss creatures provide bonus faction.



Offered by:

Note: If you talk to a Kurzick priest while you have more Luxon faction than Kurzick faction, the priest will initially refuse to let you use the resurrection shrine, and will not offer any blessings. He will, however, offer you the choice whether you want to "fight or bribe". Bribing him will cost 50 gold and will activate the shrine and gain you +10 faction. If you speak to the priest again after bribing him he will offer you the blessing for 100 gold.

Point Gain[]

Region Given by Normal Mode Hard Mode
Points Boss Bonus Cap Points Boss Bonus Cap
Pongmei Valley,
Echovald Forest
Kurzick Priest 10 125 20 250
Faction gained in Normal Mode when killing a boss is equal to the formula 5 x (foes killed) = (maximum 125)
Faction gained in Hard mode when killing a boss is equal to the formula 10 x (foes killed) = (maximum 250)


  • This bounty is not mutually exclusive with Blessing of the Luxons
  • Blessings are restricted to player characters only. Heroes and Henchmen do not receive benefits like exp from bounties in Nightfall.
  • The boss bonus is based on the number of foes killed including the boss, and when a boss is killed, they provide the standard faction per kill in addition to the boss bonus. For example, in normal mode, if a boss is the 10th foe killed while under the effect of this blessing, the boss will yield 10 faction like any other kill and a boss bonus of 50 faction.

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