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**{{w}} 28 [[Forge Master]] (all Levels)
**{{w}} 28 [[Forge Master]] (all Levels)
**{{w}} 28 [[Tomb Ettin]] (all Levels)
**{{w}} 28 [[Tomb Ettin]] (all Levels)
**{{r}}24 [[Skeleton Archer]]
**{{me}}24 [[Skeleton Illusionist]]
**{{e}}24 [[Skeleton Wizard]]

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Bloodstone Caves
Bloodstone Caves.jpg
Basic Info
Campaign: Eye of the North
Type: Dungeon
Part of: Depths of Tyria
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General Description

Getting There

Go straight east from Gadd's Encampment, hugging the south wall. With careful manuevering you can avoid any fights on the way there.

  • When you get there, it will look like its blocked by a stone wall. The wall will begin to animate and lift out of the way. If you are in a hurry, you can walk through the stone wall to get to the portal.


Completing this dungeon requires three linked quests, all given by Saerin in Gadd's Encampment:



Revealed by Light of Deldrimor:

  • 3 Hidden treasures next to Poison cloud traps on level 2
  • Warrior 24 Dwarven Ghost ally, by the Middle shrine on level 2
  • Warrior 24 Dwarven Ghost ally, near the end Shrine on level 2
  • Secret Switch on the ground under poison trap next to 2nd Beacon of Droknar on level 3 that opens the door located at the beginning of level 3
  • Hidden Treasure to the left of the Bloodstone
  • Hidden Treasure to the right of the Bloodstone
  • Hidden Treasure by the bridge leading out of the main chamber
  • Warrior 24 Dwarven Ghost ally, on the top of the hill in the hidden chamber
  • Secret Area Level 3
    • Hidden treasure take the right passage at the fork, just before the bridge
    • Warrior 24 Dwarven Ghost ally - take left passage at fork, on top of hill
    • Hidden treasure take left passage at fork, to the right of the hill
    • Secret Switch located at the second Beacon of Droknar halfway to the boss chamber




Boss-like foes



  • Killing Forge Masters, Tomb Ettins, First Inscribed, as well as Paranoia, Crystal, and the Eldritch Ettin causes their linked Enchanted Shields to vanish without ever having to fight them (the Scythes will remain, however).
  • Many of the foe's are "non-fleshy" enemies, making builds that focus upon using corpses (as minion masters) less effective. However, there should be enough corpses to make a minion master useful inside the dungeon.
  • There are many spawn points, and the dungeon is rather short. However, be prepared for interruptions and daze.
  • Make sure NOT to activate the Inscription Stone outside of the entrance, or you will be repeating Finding the Bloodstone. If you did so then you can resign and will be right at the entrance to the dungeon.
Bug.png Bug! After the first two mobs there's an invisible wall, causing you to have to rezone.
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