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Quest map

  1. Seek out Terick in the Domain of Secrets and learn the truth of his intentions.
  2. Defeat the demon Razakel.
  3. See Kaelen for your reward.

Obtained from

Kaelen in Gate of Secrets


Escape from the Torment



"The more I think about the things that have happened, the less sense they make. How could Terick have been involved with what happened to Orr? Surely it was the Vizier's folly that damned us to this hell, but there is too much that we don't know. Only Terick has those answers. Will you find him?"
Accept: "I'll get to the bottom of this."
Reject: "No thanks. Trap me once, shame on you. Trap me twice, shame on me."

Intermediate Dialogue (Terick)

"Are you still alive? It would seem that is a little problem that I will have to fix myself."
"Abaddon wished for the destruction of Arah. Like the foolish Charr, the people of Orr were nothing more than a means to an end. There is no further use for you!"
"You are stronger than you look, and more foolish. Very well then...let my true form be the last horror that is seared into your eyes!"

Reward Dialogue

"To think that such a thing could have happened...that all of us should lose our lives, our homes, and our loved ones, and for what? The revenge of one that would claim to be a god? You have fought well, (character name), but I fear you have great battles ahead of you. Perhaps this will help you."


Exit out of the Gate of Secrets into the Domain of Secrets. Head west. Terick will be found alone on a small hill. He'll speak, then turn hostile. Subdue and speak with him. The quest will be updated saying that the demon Razakel must be defeated. He'll speak again, and then become the demon Razakel. Slay the demon and return to the Gate of Secrets for the reward.