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Body blocking or bodyblocking refers to one character impeding the movement of another in the game, essentially acting like a wall that cannot be ran through until the character moves or dies.


  • In towns and outposts, players are bodyblocked by NPCs but not by other players.
  • In missions and explorable areas, hostiles bodyblock each other (players can bodyblock enemy mobs and vice versa, and players can bodyblock other players on opposing teams). Party members do not bodyblock each other. Some allies such as pets do not bodyblock friendly players and each other, while others (such as quest NPCs) do.


  • Characters with high armor, like warriors, can form a wall in front of the more squishy spell casters, to prevent enemies from hitting them.
  • A Necromancer controlling a substantial army of minions can also provide a very effective wall with no need for team coordination.
  • In Capture the Relic maps, teams often try to body block the opposing teams Relic runner.
  • In King of the hill maps, teams can try to block the opposing Ghostly Hero (who, despite being a ghost, cannot walk through obstacles) to prevent him from reaching the center and capturing it.
  • In Guild Battles, blocking the shrine of an enemy team with downed members at the moment of their resurrection may catch newly resurrected players unprepared and provide your team with easy kills.
  • In PvE, a blocker can exploit corners when pulling enemy groups, causing them to pile up in front of the blocker.