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Disambiguous.png This article is about the trophy named "Bone Charm". For the Focus item with the same name, see Bone Charm (Focus).
Bone Charm
Bone Charm (trophy).png
Subtype None
Rarity Common
Value 25 Gold
Stackable Yes
Campaign Factions
Profitable No
Common salvage Bone: 5-6
Rare salvage None
Nicholas the Traveler
Week of 3 Jul 2017
Location Rhea's Crater
Quantity 3

Nicholas the Traveler location Rhea's Crater.jpg
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What drops it[]


General collectors[]

Jefri Whylir[]

Location: The Aurios Mines
Collecting: 5 Bone Charms

Item Stats Reqs. Mods Value
Butterfly Knives Slashing damage: 7-17 9 Dagger Mastery Damage +15% (vs. hexed foes) 125 Gold
Blood Knife Energy +12 9 Blood Magic Halves casting time of Blood Magic spells (Chance: 20%)
Halves skill recharge of Blood Magic spells (Chance: 20%)
125 Gold
Earth Staff Energy +10
Earth damage: 11-22
9 Earth Magic Halves casting time of Earth Magic spells (Chance: 20%)
Halves skill recharge of spells (Chance: 20%)
125 Gold
Hallowed Idol Energy +12 9 Smiting Prayers Smiting Prayers +1 (20% chance while using skills)
Health +30
125 Gold
Cleaver Slashing damage: 6-28 9 Axe Mastery Damage +15% (while enchanted) 125 Gold
Communing Staff Energy +10
Dark damage: 11-22
9 Communing Halves casting time of Restoration Magic spells (Chance: 20%)
Halves skill recharge of spells (Chance: 20%)
125 Gold



Boreas Seabed
Just north of Zos Shivros Channel around the ship are 3 groups of outcasts. Each of the 3 groups can be separately pulled close enough to the shrine to get some NPC Warrior and Priest assistance.
Silent Surf
Head west from Seafarer's Rest then north under the bridge. These groups are hostile to other mobs as well.